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Advanced Research Topics in Digital Marketing
Lecturer: Almir Peštek, PhD Assistant Professor Department of Marketing School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo

Course objectives: The objectives of the course are to get participants introduced to modern trends and practices in digital marketing development and to prepare them to work on their own research related to digital marketing application. It exposes participants to the main issues in digital marketing strategy and helps them critically evaluate both fundamental ideas and more recent developments. At the end of the course participants will be able to think critically about the development, implementation and effects of certain digital marketing strategies in business. There is an expectation that participants will develop an own research topic which derives from the topics covered. The course focuses on five themes: 1. The role of digital marketing within the organization 2. Consumer Behaviour 3. Integrated Marketing Communications 4. Social networks and Web 2.0 5. E-Metrics

Course description: The purpose of this course is to investigate advanced topics in digital marketing. This course is designed to help participants in understanding the role of digital marketing within the organization, its business strategy and its success. The course will be organized in a way that allows participants to gain depth in important areas of digital marketing research identified and to develop and advance participants’ own research interests. There is a set of readings assigned for each of the topics. The lecturer will present the framework and drive discussion – participants will be expected to actively participate in discussion. Following the course, the participants are required to submit and present a research proposal.

Course structure and grading: The course will be held over five…...

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