Securing an E-Busines Channel for Witness Fitt

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E-Business Group Project

Project Title: Securing an e-business channel for WitnessFit
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Project Introduction 4 WitnessFit 4 The Plan 6 The Future 6 Business Model 7 Business to Business (B2B) Model 8 Business to Consumers Model (B2C) 8 Business to the Employees (B2E) 9 Conclusion and proposition of business model for our company 9 Revenue model 10 Subscription access to content 11 Advertising 11 Affiliation Marketing 11 Transaction fee 12 Access to customer for online research 12 Future Cash Flow Projections 13 Porters 5 Forces Model 14 Threats of New Business 14 The Threat of Substitute 14 Bargaining Power of Customers 14 The Bargaining Power of Suppliers 15 Rivalry 15 WitnessFit Interview (See appendices for full Interview) 16 WitnessFit Survey (See appendices for further detail on our survey) 16 Choosing URL and Generating Traffic 17 Choosing URL 17 Generating Traffic 18 Build a banner strategy 18 Displaying Ad placement 18 Long Tail Keywords 18 Give Freebies 18 Write Articles in Rich Content 19 Build Good Links 19 Security Risks for an e-business 21 Acts of human mistakes or failure 21 Spear phishing 21 Hacking 22 Tactics to Decrease the Possibility of Risks 22 Project Plan to Roll out The New Channel 23 Gantt Chart 24 Conclusion 25 Appendices 26 Appendix 1 26 Appendix 2 27 Appendix 3 29 Appendix 4 30 Appendix 5 33 Graphics from Survey 35 Appendix 6 39 Bibliography 40

Project Introduction
Our idea is to set up an e-business for a small gym located in the heart of the city centre in Dublin that is seeing large amounts of memberships, satisfied customers and real results based around an individual’s daily routine. The gym is called…...

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