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August sun still fire, the back of the summer has faded away, when I turned to look back, only to find that in that just died in summer still have its own shadow.Think of the time internship with his classmates, scenes like echoed in my mind like a movie, comb, just discover oneself originally grown up a lot.The social practice of more than a month, the time is not long, but fruitful, can be said to be confounded.Beijing Kang Yuanyi auspicious trade co., LTD., is the place where I practice, it is a company operating medical equipment.This summer holiday here I work on people skills as well as some simple enterprises had the further understanding.Of course, in addition to technical level, what is more important to society, to have a further understanding of itself.As a is in preparation for the college students one's deceased father grind me, vacation is can let me very directly improve the quality of learning, both in terms of time, or the environment, all gave me a lot of opportunities.Holiday, however, also is the test I will indeed, looking at the classmates all go out to travel, I have been at home but also endorsed, let my in the mind very not taste.Fortunately, at the end of July, my classmates and I went to the Beijing Kang Yuanyi auspicious trade co., LTD., internship, let me add in learning not a dull thing but a different experience.Enrich my holiday at the same time also let me have accumulated more…...

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