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Self Managed Learning

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With Introduction by Dr. Graham Dawes

By Nicola Sankey

March 2008


1. An introduction to Self Managed Learning (SML) by Dr. Graham Dawes page 3

2. The Student Experience of Self Managed Learning (SML): evidence from research page 10

3. Introduction page 10

4. Research Strategy page 11

5. Empirical Research Evidence page 12

▪ What did the students like about SML? page 12

▪ How was it beneficial to students and what did they learn? page 21

▪ Why might SML work less well? page 31

6. Evaluations and Conclusions page 33

7. Bibliography page 36


Dr Graham Dawes

The Self Managed Learning approach was created by Professor Ian Cunningham in 1978, drawing on his experiences of action learning and independent study and underpinned by Gregory Bateson’s theory of levels of learning (Bateson brought the concept of ‘learning to learn’ to the behavioural sciences).

Self Managed Learning is a structured approach to learning with the following two main elements: the Learning Agreement and the Learning Group.
Learning Agreement. The agreement is between the student, who undertakes to pursue their learning goals, and the learning group, who undertake to support them in this. The Learning Agreement comprises the student’s answers to five questions:
1. Where have I been?
2. Where am I now?
3. Where do I want to get to?
4. How will I get there?
5. How will I know I have arrived?
The five questions provide a robust framework for goal-setting, bringing the student’s attention to past experiences which may be…...

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