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Self Service Technologies

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Implementing Self-Service Technology

Chang-tseh Hsieh

Implementing Self-Service Technology To Gain Competitive Advantages
Chang-tseh Hsieh
University of Southern Mississippi 118 College Drive, #5178, Hattiesburg, MS 39406 Phone: (601) 266-6124, Fax: (601) 266-4642, e-Mail:

Choosing, implementing and managing effective self-service technologies are challenging tasks for most firms. While some self-service technologies could be quickly adopted, others are resisted. This paper examines what a firm should consider in order to encourage customers to at least try, and eventually adopt, the SST offered by a firm into the customer's regular routine. Factors that encourage the customer to try a new self-service technology for the first time and factors impact customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction will be addressed. A practical guideline for developing and implementing successful SST will be proposed. Key words: Self-service technology, Competitive advantage, Customer Relationship management.

Pick up any respected magazine or trade journal on management or marketing these days and you will likely stumble upon at least one article for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). One of the growing trends in CRM is the use of self-service. Technology is playing an increasing role in self-service and CRM in general. There can be advantages on both sides of the self-service technology coin. The company has the potential to serve more customers with fewer resources, and thus reduce costs, and the customer has the ability to customize a product or service for herself and also choose a time when it is most convenient for her to partake of it. ATM's and pay-at-the pump gas stations are required these days if banks and gas stations want to stay competitive. It's hard for many of us to remember a day without those first SST's. "Have…...

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