Semantic Analysis on Philippine Movie Advertisements of Star Cinema

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This study entitled "Register Analysis on Philippine Movie Advertisements of Star Cinema" was conducted to have the following goals: first, to characterize linguistic factors such as diction and language variety and second, to characterize non-linguistic factors such as types of movies.
This research is expected to be beneficial for the students, the advertisers and the other researchers. It shows a specific example of register namely the register on Philippines movie advertisement. This can be used as an additional reference for studying language and creating advertisements text that is considered to be efficient and effective for attracting and encouraging readers to make use of the company with its products and services. Moreover, the results of this research also can be hopefully used as a reference for those who are interested in analyzing language variety, especially the one in movie advertisement.
Communication also happens in the business and industry. The most common form of communication in business and industry is between the manufacturers and the consumers. In business, someone will do everything to get the maximum profit and the success of his/her company. One of their effects is through advertisement. It represents pictures of life in daily life. Advertisements are identified as the texts that do their best to get people‟s attentions to make them turn toward them (Goddard, 1998: 6). The purposes of advertisements are to influence and motivate the public to buy and use the products or services or to follow the ideas. The advertisers spread the information of their products by using appropriate and effective language. By using appropriate and effective language, the customers will get impression of the product offered then they will decide to buy them. Movie advertisement is the kind of advertisement to promote the movie itself. The…...

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