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+90 (546) 632 16 41
+355 (67) 479 63 15 PERSONAL INFORMATION
Birth of Date and Place
Marital Status

22/12/1986, Istanbul – TURKEY
Republic of Turkey

2004 – 2008

2000 – 2004

Gazi University,Chemistry Department /
Ankara GPA: 2.83 / 4
Bahçeşehir Atatürk Foreign Language Based High School / Istanbul

November 2008- October

● Development & Merchandiser & Marketing, Konaktul , Avcılar/Istanbul

I started to work as R&D asistant and then moved to Sales
Department at Konaktul. The company is a lace and fancy fabrics producer working with man reputable worldwide brands like ZARA, MARKS AND
In R&D dept, my main goal was following up all the trends in fashion and was continuously in touch with the design team of our customers.
Considering and analyzing the requests from customers depends on to search fashion magazines, searching the web- sites regularly, watching catwalks. Gathering data from these mentioned sources, i started to make so many developments (like different color trials, prints, foiling, lamination, sequin printing, flocking…etc.) of our productions. Our presentation of the new developments was causing the base of the new collection which was prepared twice a year and was supported by continusous small developments.


After a while i joined to the sales team. In this department, my main goal was to follow up customer demands (finding right product to their demands and/or leading them with the new developments formed based on trend searchs). We were joining to 8 fairs per year and making regular customer visits locally and internationally. My main responsibility was UK,
Spain and local Turkey markets:
1. Creating demand or taking the current demand with collection presentation 2. Sending samples and hanger to customer and following up all this process by taking regular feedback
3. Following up all the bulk order process : starting from order placement until shipment, being in touch directly with customer and production,
R&D, quality control, export operations and accounting department
4. Giving continuous after sales support to customer as a part of creating long term relationship goal of marketing team
5. Giving regular reports to marketing director
6. Leading all fair preparatipns and supporting R&D team

Marketing&Sales helps the companies for to introduce the product and also meeting the client in the right time & in a right route. Customer relationship is also getting very important day by day and it is a very strategic way to gain the customer in the world. At this point, creating loyalty between the client and producer is one of the big advantage for companies. 2



Doğusan Textile- I worked as a trainee in the Production Department & in
İn this factory, they make so many production like;

weaving fabrics of synthetic cotton & cotton/polyester, nylon, polyviscose yarns.
PVC, acrylics, polyurethanes, all types of non-flammable, waterproof, waterproof, anti bacterial coating to these textiles

I had an active role in laboratory, we were making some tests to production samples like tensile strength, bursting strength, waterproof, nonflammable… etc.
Also we were making different color trials on fabrics for coating, we had prepared formulas and then gave them to the production department to start the coating productin.
After three months, I learnt how to use laboratory and how important the lab trials is in production.



Environment & Forest Ministry – I worked as a trainee in the Soil
Investigation Department




Pre Intermediate Pre Intermediate


Upper intermediate
Pre intermadiate


 Literature research on the carboxy compounds.

 Synthesis of carboxy compounds.

 Qualitative and quantitative determination of these compounds with AAS,TGA

 Determination of antibacterial properties. .

 Industrial & Business Management by Marmara University.



Marsha Bahar / Marketing Manager
Konak Tul
Avcilar , Istanbul
Mobile: (+90) 532 411 42 60

Ayla Balaban Gündüzalp / Yrd. Doç. Dr.
Gazi University
Science Faculty , Ankara
Work: (+90) 312 202 11 69

Mediha Ebren / Production Manager
Konak Tul
Mobile:(+90) 534 978 47 72
Gunes Kartaltepe / Merchandiser
Konak Tul
Mobile : (+90) 532 748 11 32


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