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Service Delivery and Customer Satisfaction in the Nigerian Banking Industry (a Study of Guaranty Trust Bank Plc and Skye Bank Plc)

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This is to certify that this research project titled “Service Delivery and Customer Satisfaction in the Nigerian Banking Industry” was written by ABDULLAHI, RUKAYAT OPEMIPO with the matriculation number 101003311 under my supervision.

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Project Supervisor


This research work is dedicated to the Almighty Allah, the Omniscience- the giver of knowledge.

To my family.


In the course of this research work, I am greatly indebted to a host of people who in a way of their moral and intellectual support, have made the success of this project.
I cannot but express my gratitude to God Almighty, the giver of wisdom, who has granted me the opportunity, wisdom and knowledge to complete this programme despite many huddles and challenges of life.
My special thanks go to my project supervisor- Mr. Olarewaju, A.D for his invaluable assistance, guidance, encouragement and most of all, his constructive criticism on this research work. Though, just as nothing of value is cheap to obtain, but the passage of furnace has made the refined gold.
I am greatly indebted to my Parents- Mr. and Mrs. Tiamiyu and to my wonderful siblings: Monsuru, Ismael,…...

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