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Journal of Business Research 54 (2001) 89 – 96

Seeking something different? A model of schema typicality, consumer affect, purchase intentions and perceived shopping value
Barry J. Babin*, Laurie Babin
Department of Marketing, College of Business, The University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS 39406-5091, USA Received 1 May 1999; accepted 1 May 1999

Abstract A study is presented that examines the effect of specific retail elements on deviations from the expected schema, or prototypicality, of a retail store. The results suggest that subtle differences in the store name, the location, and the appearance of its salespeople can evoke contrast in the form of variable typicality scores. A structural model is presented that shows the outcomes of this variance in a retail context involving women’s apparel stores. Low typicality is associated with increased excitement and discomfort, and these emotions affect patronage intentions and perceived shopping value. This finding is counterbalanced by a direct, positive link between typicality and patronage intentions. D 2001 Elsevier Science Inc. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Schema; Consumer affect; Shopping value

Recently, research has demonstrated the key role played by emotional experiences in explaining store choice and consumer– environment interactions and reactions (Bitner, 1992; Baker and Cameron, 1996). Design elements including a store’s employees, prices, lighting, scents, product assortment, background music, and crowdedness influence the affect experienced in a service environment (Eroglu and Machleit, 1990; Hui and Bateson, 1991; Hui et al., 1997; Baker et al., 1994; Darden ´ and Babin, 1994; Dube and Morgan, 1996; Spangenberg et al., 1996; Yoo et al., 1998). Likewise, it is clear that mood or affective tone can influence shopping intentions, spending, quality perceptions, satisfaction, and…...

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