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1. We need a corporate goal for SCR that refers to our new training activity. Prepare a draft to show Jesse. SCR states four main goals in dealing with its clients: ▪ SCR consultants will provide clients with cutting-edge technology and show them how it can be used to achieve business results. All clients will receive personal attention, professional service, and ethical behavior from the consultant. ▪ SCR’s fees will be fair, reasonable, and competitive. SCR will strive to earn its fees the old-fashioned way — by hard work, professionalism, and dedication to the client’s needs. ▪ Reputation is a priceless asset. To protect it, SCR will maintain a Code of Ethics to ensure that it avoids impropriety of any kind, or even the appearance of impropriety. ▪ SCR’s goal is not perfection, but constant quality improvement. SCR will encourage and solicit input and feedback from clients. The textbook points out that a firm develops a set of goals to carry out its mission. SCR’s training capability represents a major step for the company and should be mentioned in the company’s mission statement. Answers will vary, but a sample might be worded as follows:

SCR training will achieve excellence in three key areas: content, delivery, and results. To support our training function, we will focus on three main goals: ▪ Training content will provide world-class technical skills and knowledge required by IT industry leaders. ▪ Delivery will be highly professional, with attention to individual needs and interaction with students. ▪ Results will be measurable, and SCR will certify student achievement levels and competence.

2. Jesse wants my opinion on whether or not SCR needs a systems review committee. Need to prepare a recommendation and reasons. As far as we know, SCR does…...

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