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We know that foreplay plays a very important role in sex and often enough we make it our mission to be great at it. But, what if you wanted to spice things up? What if you want to be the one that gets him burning with desire? Like women, men are also fairly complicated sexual beings and we also enjoy our share of fun. Most women believe that it’s enough for a man to “stick it in” and that’s really all they want from sex. That’s also true if your man is in his first years of sex (or under 22) but after a while they want and expect things to be at a different level.
Sex doesn’t necessarily have to start in the bedroom…it can start anywhere you want it to. I’m not talking about nakedness in public places but giving him that little taste of the action can get him in a fiery mood early on. For example, if you’re out at a romantic dinner, have a passionate look at his pants then move onto his eyes and give him the “I want you now!” look. To make it even better, you can kiss him passionately on the cab ride home. As with you, kissing passionately gets a guy going. I don’t know what it is but for most guys, when they feel some tongue action things just start going crazy. In a way, our brains directly associate making out (tongue kissing) with sex, they go hand and hand.
Role-playing is always great if you want to spice things up in the bedroom. The best part about it is that you can do it without any kinky costumes or anything like that. Just imagine a story and then play a role in that story, it’s that simple. To make it even easier you can put on a wig and pretend you’re his favorite celebrity or some princess in a faraway land. Although men are visual creatures, the fact of NOT KNOWING what’s going to happen drives them crazy. So, if you want to turn your guy on, blindfold him then play with his senses. To add some extra flavor, tie his hands so he can’t control anything…...

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