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Shane Wall
Time Line:
 At 15 years old, he was running discos at his local village.
 At 20 years old he provided entertainment at weddings with his own DJ equipment.
 Later on he went into a different career working for BBC radio in technical administrations.
 He then went on to working for a creative communications agency called ‘Unique’, while still running disco parties on the side.
 In 1997 he set up a business with his friend running snowboarding holidays for party goers, they decided to name the business ‘Abundant Holidays’.
 In 1999 his friend left the business, which made Shane the owner of ‘Abundant Holidays’.
 In 2007 he was made redundant by ‘Unique’.
 Later he used the skills he gained at ‘Unique’ and BBC radio to set up his own communications business called ‘Abundant’.
 To this day ‘Abundant’ is a successful creative communications agency.
About Shane Wall
Shane Wall is a passionate entrepreneur, who currently manages the creative communications agency ‘Abundant’. Before Shane Wall got into the creative communications agency he had many previous jobs, for example: working as a DJ providing entertainment at weddings and working for BBC radio in technical administrations. Shane became an entrepreneur in the early stages of his career, when he set up a holiday business with one of his friends aimed at party goers. As a result of working in a variety of industries and businesses, he picked up a lot of useful qualities and skills to later benefit his own business ‘Abundant’. By using his work experience it meant he had an advantage in the industry he was going into. He was already an entrepreneur, which meant he attained many of the qualities needed to set up a creative communications agency. That is why to this day he is the well-known creator of ‘Abundant’. He has generated enough income to hire a full team of staff for his…...

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