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What are the ethical and legal issues at stake in this scenario?

Karl has to deal with some ethical and possibly legal issues in the marketing of his game “Breakaway”. Ethically he has to figure out if it is acceptable to market a game that focuses on nudity, violence, and gambling. As far as legal issues, is it legal to market these things in foreign countries and even online. If they can market this game in other countries they will have to change portions of the game for each of the countries that Will has looked into targeting.

2. What are Karl’s options?

Karl can still make the game Breakaway by toning down the nudity for the United States version. The more adult version in the United States would be available for the internet gamers, which would allow nudity. The Mexican market wants to join in the market but needs the violence toned down. This game has three different options to make all kinds of revenue.

3. Discuss the acceptability and commercial use of sex, violence, and gambling in the United States?

Any and everything is acceptable in today’s society. As years pass on the world gets more and more corrupt. Sex is used for every commercial possible. Burger King had a woman half-dressed advertising a whopper as lettuce, mustard and ketchup ran down her body. When you start using sexual messages to sell fast food there is something very wrong. I almost don’t want to have children because of all the things my child could be exposed to at such an early age. Gambling is definitely becoming apart if society in America. Any time there is an opening in a shopping plaza a gambling place opens up. I remember when all you had to worry about is if you had food in your home and getting to work on time now you have to worry about what you see and expose yourself to day in and day…...

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