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Short Essay 4
Angelology and Satanology

Kati Bowlin
Theo 201-D27

Religious dualism is the belief that teaches that the world consists of two basic forces; good and evil. God is viewed as the representation of good, Satan is the representation of evil. This belief is widespread and the majority of people would probably say that this is just the way things are. The eternal battle between God and Satan is constantly portrayed in movies and television as two equal forces battling over the souls of man. Satan is viewed as a fallen angel carrying a big hatchet against God. On the flipside, God is seen as the control freak who just sends His angels to do whatever He needs done. While this view can make a good movie, it’s contrary to what the Bible teaches. Unlike what pop culture would have us believe, God and Satan are not equal in their power and the battle between good and evil was won a long time ago.
The Bible teaches that Satan is a created being. He was originally created as one of God’s angels, possessing all of the attributes of an angel, the power of personality and the freedom of choice. He let his pride get in the way of reason and he convinced himself that he was worthy of God’s throne and glory. He also failed to believe that if he committed a sin that God would punish him. He rebelled and God punished him by casting him out of heaven along with the angels who rebelled with him. In Isaiah 14:12-17, we are given some insight into the fall of Satan and his subsequent banishment from God’s presence. “You said in your heart, I will raise my throne above the stars of God… I will make myself like the Most High” Isaiah 14:13-14. Lucifer’s sin wasn’t just his pride but also his disbelief that God would punish any kind of sin. He convinced himself that he could really take the throne of God. In Ezekiel 28 we see God’s reaction to the King of Tyre when he,…...

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