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The play is set the old town of Verona in Italy. The play begins in a market place. The village has been disrupted due to The Montague's and Capulets fighting and causing riot in the streets of Verona. The Prince who is in charge of the town has had enough of the terrible feud that has been going on between the two families for so decades. The families are very powerful and rich the feud has something to do with power or money and is something that was set off along time ago. the prince warns that if it happens again then both families will be Banished or executed. Tybalt Who is a Capulet, like to cause trouble and is often looking for fights with the Montague's.

Romeo is walking along the colonnade thinking about his love for Rosalyn. By this you can already see that Romeo falls in love easily and that he is very emotional. His cousin Benvolio finds him and tells him that Roslyn does not care about his feelings and that she is no good for him. he tells him that she is not interested in Romeo.

A servant comes to Romeo with a letter and asks if he will read it to him as most peasants could not read then and did not have an education. The letter is an invitation to a party at Lord Capulet’s house. Romeo and any other Montague should see it wise not to go because of the feud and that there might be trouble at the party if they do.

Romeo and his friends gate crash the party with Macutio. Romeo sees Juliet and he instantly falls in love with her. Tybalt sees Romeo dancing with her and wants to start a fight, Lord Capulet stops him because he does not want to cause a show and make them look bad, he doesn't think that Romeo will come to any harm. Romeo dances with Juliet and they both kiss, they believe they are in love. Juliet's nurse starts to call her and it is then that Romeo realizes that she is Lord Capulet's daughter, then the others call Romeo and…...

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...What would you do for love? Would you sacrifice your life for the people you love? “Romeo and Juliet” is a thrilling play that demonstrates both love and hate. Love and hate both come at a cost, whether you lose something you love or something happens that you hate. As Mohandas Gandhi said “Hatred always kills, love never dies.” The play Romeo and Juliet demonstrates and expresses 3 main points relating to this quote. Those main points are love, hate, and marriage. Romeo and Juliet is portrayed as a “love” story but Shakespeare sets it up as a pain and death story. Romeo is in love with a woman named Rosaline at the beginning of the play. Juliet has never thought about getting married before her mother brings up the idea of marrying Paris. Shakespeare has to set their tale as ill-fated at the beginning (as “two star-crossed lovers” ) not only because their families hate each other, but because they do not know anything about what true love really is or even what life is like in the real adult world. When Romeo first lays his eyes upon Juliet, he is overwhelmed by how beautiful she is. He immediately forgets about Rosaline and wants to meet Juliet. Romeo saw Juliet at a ball he never intended on going to. For a few days he kept to himself and was thinking about how much he loves Rosaline. Eventually, Romeos cousin Benvolio convinces him to go. Romeo thinks that there is no point to go but Benvolio tells him “At this same ancient feast of the Capulet's sups the fair......

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...Focus on Shakespeare 1. Romeo and Juliet is definitely one of the best and tragic films I have ever seen. Shortly I can say that it is an eternal love story where Romeo (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Juliet (Claire Danes) secretly fall in love with each other and go to confession. But their love is forbidden and the story goes over from being a romance to become a tragedy. DiCaprio needs a little time to get into the role, but soon he becomes a mind blowing and charming hero who is willing to sacrifice his life for Juliet. Claire Danes also, has a beautiful and conspicuous dramatic talent. What I liked most about the story was the setting. The director (Luhrmann) takes Shakespeare's history and puts it into a modern society and a modern film form, and he does so in a confident and smart way. The language and dialogue from Shakespeare are retained, while the costumes are an elegant blend of past and present. Luhrmann has in addition replaced the horses and swords with stylish vehicles and firearms. I also really liked the romantic feel throughout the film. One can spot several sequences showing the strong love between the couple. For example their secret marriage at the church. They do not take the bother of what others think, only their burning love counts. In contrast to traditional film style, where first and foremost acting and soundtrack is partially used to create different moods, Luhrmann has effectively implemented several stylistic devices. Editing, cinematography......

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...Although these texts were written more than a century apart, they both explore the changeable and intricate relationships between a parent and their child. ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘An Inspector Calls’ portray similar relationships between a parent and child. The structure of each text highlights the conflict and aggression, as the tension progresses. The scenes intensify when the powerful, controlling father figure feels his authority has been challenged by a child in the family. Firstly, in 'Romeo and Juliet' Lord Capulet expresses his forceful, vicious side when Juliet commits an act of disobedience. She decides to not follow her father's ‘decree’ to marry Paris, stimulating her father to act violently. Similarly, in 'An Inspector Calls', Priestly presents Mr Birling as a pompous man initially. However, as the tension increases, the atmosphere begins to change, and he becomes agitated as Sheila begins to answer back, revealing all of their crimes. There is a sense of hostility towards his children, as he feels they are to blame for the monstrosities that had occurred that night, potentially putting him at a disadvantage. Shakespeare and Priestly use a variety of techniques to present the relationships and theme of parental control and authority. Act 1: Scene 2 In this scene, Shakespeare presents Lord Capulet as a man who cares deeply for his pride and reputation, but above all his daughter. However, Lord Capulet seems to have a deceptive nature, when speaking about his...

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...ROMEO AND JULIET Verona city in Italy is where the upsetting story of the unlucky love affair was set. Romeo a Montague and Juliet a Capulet are 'a pair of star crossed lovers who took their lives in an attempt to bury their parents strife'. The Montague's and the Capulet 'both alike in dignity,' were engaged in an ancient feud, which sadly nothing but the death of their children could stop. Romeo and Juliet two adaptations. Franco Zeffirelli [1968] Original version Baz Luhrmann [1996] Hollywood version Luhrmann chose Leonardo Di Caprio to play Romeo and Claire Danes as Juliet. * The updated Luhrmann picture best captures the essence of Shakespeare for the present-day viewer.  Through the ingenious use of modernisation and location, while preserving Shakespearean language, the spirit of Shakespeare emerges to captivate a large audience. * Luhrmann modernises "Romeo and Juliet," through constant alterations of the props, which entice the audience into genuinely feeling the spirit of Shakespeare.  * First, the movie starts with a prologue masked as news broadcast on television.  This sets the scene of the play by illustrating the violence occurring between the two wealthy families, the Montagues and the Capulets. * In Luhrmann's film, the actors, instead of carrying swords with them, hide guns in their shirts and wield them expertly. * The death of Romeo and Juliet is (as always) blamed on the post office, for not delivering the letter......

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...Review essay on Romeo and Juliet On 27 April 2012, I watched Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare. It was directed by Ivan Heng from W!LD RICE. It brought laughter and tears to me, from the witty scenes to the tragic parts. This version was an exciting, refreshing, contemporary twist of the classic love story. The set, costumes, music, sound and casting gave this play a whole new spin to it. I felt the casting was perfect. The main characters, Romeo, played by Hansel Tan and Juliet, played by Julie Wee, really brought out the deep emotions of their characters. Their chemistry was amazing and it wasn’t hard to imagine them as star-crossed teenage lovers. Romeo’s character was strong, with Hansel pulling of his intense feelings brilliantly, such as the part in Act 3, Scene 3 that starts with “Tis torture, and not mercy” when he talks about being banished. Juliet’s transformation from a wide-eyed girl into a self-assured, loyal, and capable woman was well portrayed throughout the play. One memorable character was Nurse, played by Neo Swee Lin. Though I felt she that at some points her Singaporean accent would emerge, it somehow worked to make the character funnier and she injected much humour into the piece with her frequently inappropriate remarks and speeches. Act two, Scene three, where she meets Romeo was especially funny when she kept going for Romeo’s chest. It was hilarious! Every scene kept the audience engaged, from the beautiful, intimate scene where Romeo......

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