Short Story: a Night at the University

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A night at the University by, Noor Ashiqin bt Jusoff Albar
Qurratu’aini bt Noorzam
Khoo Chui Choo
Effarizan Hassan

Prologue: The sudden sounds of breaking twigs on the ground made the three friends shiver in fear. It has never crossed their minds that they would end up getting stuck alone in their University at that time of hour. Ironically, they used to stay in the abandoned hostel not far away from where they are and be roaming the grounds as though they lived the land for generations long. “Of all days” Muffy puffed “your car just HAD to break down today.” The loudest of the group complained. The chatterbox felt a jolt to her heart when she saw a moving figure walking straight down their direction. A human like figure, darkened by the night, walked slowly and swayed step by step closer to them. “Muffy…,” Ezan trembled in the small voice, tugging Muffy’s shirt signalling her to be cautious. “Guys, maybe we should turn back,” Que said alarmingly at the sight of the silhouette. The three friends stopped in their steps, allowing the cold damp night air to sweep across their cheeks. Their hearts pounded like the stomping of horse hooves during a race. Their fingers cold as ice and faces white as sheet making neither of them bolder than the other. “ARE YOU ALSO LOST?!” Muffy exclaimed. Que and Ezan jumped at the sound of her shout. “Muffy! Are you insane?” Que said alarmed. “You can’t just say anything to it!” Ezan said terrified. “You will get us all in trouble!” “Now we are all condemned to stay here!” Ezan wailed. “Forever! And ever!” Muffy and Que turned to Ezan who was looking as though she was going to be cursed onto haunted lands. Ezan was holding tight to Muffy’s right sleeve trying to hide behind her. Que could do more than lower her gaze at Ezan. “Seriously,” Muffy said sarcastically “Don’t be dramatic.” She…...

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