Should Humans Consume Red Meat?

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Should Humans Be Consuming Red Meat?
Michael Richard
DeVry University

If you were the dominate species on top of the food chain what would you eat? Though the question is broad, humans ask themselves this question subconsciously on a day to day basis. It so happens that we as human beings are quite nestled at the top of the food chain as we speak. With the plethora of resources on this planet to consume at our fingertips such as: fruit vegetation, fish, chicken and red meat, what would be the best choice? Take in to account that not all sources of food would be beneficial to human longevity, which source of food would be better for human vitality and longevity? Fruits and vegetables, fish and lean meats would be the best route to go when choosing a meal but red meats, contrary to belief may not be the best option when making a selection on what’s for dinner. Should we as humans be consuming red meat? Though humans are classified as carnivores and herbivores, there are several healthy alternatives to the consumption of red meat. Many believe the consumption of red meat is the way it has always been but there are those who believe the opposite. Studies and tests of human physiology on red meat consumption in recent years have provided substantial evidence to support the potential hazards and life threatening consequences to red meat consumption.

To understand why red meats may not be the best choice for human consumption, the education of the history of humans and their initial association with red meats must be taken in to account. Did humans always eat red meat? Contrary to what many skeptics on this matter believe, the answer to this question is no; humans have not always eaten red meat. According to Dr. J. Mc Dougall of, the origins of meat in the human diet began with our ancestors among the hunter-gatherer period of human…...

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See, near
Austria.Approximately 4.6
billion cans
year where the product is available around the globe in 164 countries. I have analyzed how a drink which was sold to truck drivers and laborers in Thai become a globally well-known no.1 energy drink. And thereafter I have discussed about the ingredients of Red Bull its benefits and drawbacks. In spite of a lot critics faced by Red Bull, it currently holds the no.1 position in energy drink selling more than 4.6 billion cans around 164 countries according to Red Bull Official Web site. Perhaps, Red Bull is next best well known drink after Coke. This report basically outlines the history of Red Bull, the ingredients, and followed by a buyer behavior theory which I have applied to get more clarity and insight on this topic. History of Red Bull The product was actually founded way back in 1960s by a Thailand......

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