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The three assimilation phases of Judith Ortiz Cofer’s, “Silent Dancing”

In “Silent Dancing”, Cofer presents three paramount influences of assimilation. These influences are presented in family different family members in a black and white movie playing throughout Cofer’s mind of her family’s holiday party. The assimilations were presented through three essential women in Cofer’s life; her mother whom was in middle assimilation, her fully assimilated cousin, and her newly assimilated cousin’s brother’s girlfriend.
Cofer’s mother is in the middle phase of her assimilation. Cofer’s mother wanting to stay in El Building, whilst her father yearned to live somewhere else, because she never got over the yearning for la isla “The Island”. Her mother only cooked with foods she could pronounce the names of which were some of the same brands her own mother had used. Cofer’s mother shopping outside of La Bodega going to Sears, Penney’s and Lerner’s, showed a willingness unlike the other women to shop in American stores but still held onto the small comforts that reminded her of her home land. (53-55)
Cofer’s cousin is fully assimilated into American life. She claims it herself, she is and American woman and will do what she pleases. She has bleached her hair where others left there’s the same black they had come with. She also had an American boyfriend. The irony of Cofer’s cousin is that she became impregnated by her boyfriend, was forced to have an abortion, and was sent back to the island of Puerto Rico, because of her full assimilation. (57-58).
Cofer’s cousin’s brother’s girlfriend is newly assimilated. She was called la novia meaning just up from the island. Also she showed her Humilde being humble towards the camera. When looked at she would shutter her eyes and look downwards instead of staring into…...

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