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1. Description of “abnormal” behavior
Pat Solatano was released from a mental institution after eight months of treatment due to a triggering event that caused him to beat a man nearly to death for sleeping with his wife. This was after previously having a delusion of his wife and that man going against the school they work at by embezzling money. He was a danger to others by getting very angry and aggressive when he heard his wedding song because that was playing when he caught his wife cheating, or if he sees someone he loves get hurt. We learned in his first therapy session after being released that he was being defiant for not taking his medication because it made him feel worse about himself physically and mentally. When anything in life was seen negatively, Pat experienced significant distress and was unable to comprehend the reason to it. For example, after finishing a novel by Ernest Hemmingway that had a death at the end, he became enraged and threw the book out the window and woke up his parents in the middle of the night continuously talking about how upset he was. When Pat experienced his manic stage, he was unable to cope like someone without a mental illness. The moment he couldn’t find the video tape from his wedding, he began to panic and frantically looking all over the house while yelling in the middle of the night causing him to wake up his neighbors, and led to him accidentally hitting his mom in the face and getting into a fight with his dad afterwards.
2. Diagnosis and symptoms
Diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder 1
Symptoms: He shows more than one week of abnormal symptoms from the time he called the police, telling them that his wife and the history teacher was plotting against him by embezzling money from the local high school, which ended up being a delusion. This was when he realized that he was dealing with these symptoms his whole life. A…...

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