Similar Businesses in Different Worlds

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Comparing Two Similar Businesses shipments. More cuts for Borders in the Tennessee distribution center and in the corporate headquarters. Reports dated February 1, 2011 indicate bankruptcy filing may come with weeks. A few days later the New York Stock Exchange warns Borders that its stock could face delisting if it doesn't rise above an average monthly price of $1 within six months. Ackman publically acknowledges a loss of Ackman acknowledges $125 million loss on Borders investment on February 11, 2011 and files Chapter 11 on February 16, 2011. The core business of Borders Books started with a simple bookstore in 1971 to the 2nd largest bookstore in the nation and closing the same first doors four decades later in September 2011. The timeline for Amazon is a much different one. Amazons path was more aggressive. In 1994 was started by Jeff Bezos. At the time, his company was run completely from his garage in Bellevue, Washington. He was able to secure funding from Nick Hanauer. This first investment of $40,000 was joined by a larger, $100,000 investment from Tom Alburg that helped make the new website. Amazon’s first book was sold in 1995. And in 1996 Associates Program is launched. 1998 and they opened its first international sites in the United Kingdom and Germany, where it quickly gained success. The Advantaged Program was also launched. In 1999 Auctions is launched, Amazon acquires Alexa Intenet, Amazon is granted 1-Click patent. Time Magazine featured Jeffrey......

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...Southwest airlines are a billion dollar airline with millions of customers and more than likely a million more to come. Southwest airlines were founded by three men- Rollin King, Herb Kelleher, and Lamar Muse. Operations started in 1971 and during that time they began with three Boeing 737s after winning a lawsuit against them. For most of their success came from their popularity with low fare costs and their low cost of operations, in 2003 they won the airline of the year award. Today, they operate in over 60 countries and have approximately 500 aircrafts built by Boeing. When it comes to southwest airlines, they like to do things slightly different from their competitors for one, southwest likes to focus on long travel routes, whereas southwest looks that the shorter distance traveling. As far as entertainment, southwest airlines focus on the fun loving attitude bringing more entertainment to your flights. Other have a more luxurious feel with complimentary in in-flight services. Other aircrafts like their rules of sophistication, whereas Southwest used a “P.A.W.S.” rule which is Pets Are Welcome on Southwest. I believe that this is where they get most of their recognition, especially in today’s day and age with pets becoming more of a family member rather than a pet. Another great feature for their success is the fact that there are a cashless aircraft. They run strictly on credit card transactions, whereas other aircrafts are cash only. I believe that the majority of......

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...Assignment 1: Comparing Two Similar Businesses Amazon and Border Books are in the same industry and are very similar and comparable; however both companies have different history and core aspects of their business. Beginning with Amazon, Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. The company was funded by two investors; Nick Hanauer (invested $40,000 in 1994) and Tom Alburg (invested $100,000 in 1995). Originally, the company was run out of Bezos garage in Washington. Once Amazon was introduced online, the website was not as enticing and graphic it was rather dull and plain (this caused the business to start on uncertain ground). However, once Tom Alburg joined the company, he invested a lot of money is updating the Amazon website. Shortly after, Amazon had customers from all over the world. In addition, after that milestone was met, Bezos decided to expand his business into more than just an online bookstore to promote returning customers. In turn Bezos opted to allow customers to rate and review books on Amazon. In 1997, Amazon went public in which in the same year the company broaden its market by add CD’S, and movies to be purchased and reviewed. Moreover, in 1998 the company added software, electronics, and video games to the roster. At the end of 1999, the company was extremely profitable; however in 2001 the company experienced a fiscal loss of 1.4 billion and lay off 1000 workers. Amazon utilized the analyzers strategy (a blend of the defending and prospective......

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...Colgate has focused on four types of core businesses such as Oral Care, Personal Care, Home Care and Pet Nutrition today. Now Colgate does business to 222 countries and territories worldwide. Colgate also has ranked as the India’s No 1 most trusted brand across the categories for four consecutive years from 2003 to 2007. Colgate has been positioned in the customer’s mind which they are the number one brand that recommended by dentist and hygeniest. Target market segment and Consumer Analysis Market segmentation is a division of a market by using a strategy to obtain a major portion of sales to a subgroup in a category other than more limited shares of purchases by all category users. Market segmentation is also to identify the segment within the market and population then evaluate the potential of each segment follow by selecting the segment then targeting at the specific segment and groups of people so that they can apply the marketing mix (product, promotion, place and price) into each of the specific segment selected. The first target segment on the consumer for Colgate is based on the demographic segmentation which is the factor of ages. There are two categories of ages that we targeted at are kids who ages 3-12 years old and the teenagers to the old folks who ages more than 13 years old. Kids who are still young and they most probably would not care about the actual function of the toothpaste and so we have come out with different types of taste of fruits so......

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...Comparing Two Similar Businesses Terry Tillery BUS 302 Strayer University Professor David Fish CERTIFICATION OF AUTHORSHIP: I Terry N. Tillery certify that I am the author of this paper and that any assistance received in its presentation is acknowledged and disclosed in the paper (at the end). I have also cited any sources from which I used data, ideas, or words, either quoted directly or paraphrased. Correspondence concerning this paper should be addressed to Terry N. Tillery, Strayer University, South Charlotte campus, Charlotte, NC. After the Civil War, black Americans encountered a new world of opportunities. After years of enslavement, or at least the perpetual threat of enslavement if they had already freed, African Americans confronted a new question: what does it mean to be free? What does one do after the bonds of slavery have been broken (pg. 275). African Americans in the South demonstrated their freedom in numerous ways, large and small. Many bought dogs, some purchased firearms, and several held mass meetings without white supervision, all actions that were often denied them under slavery. While ex-slaves explored a life based on the free-labor vision, members of the defeated Confederacy sought to maintain as much of the old order as possible. To this end, they worked to prevent ex-slaves from acquiring economic autonomy or political rights. (pg. 276), this is how the diversity issues began between the North and the South, because the growing......

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