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2.1 Introduction
In this chapter, the process of the research methods will be presented. The following will point out some problems and limitations for the dissertation. In addition, some shortcomings and inadequacies that need to improve. This chapter will be divided into seven parts: it includes research objective and question, research approach and strategies, design of research tools, piloting research tools, carrying out data collection, problems and problems and limitations, and conclusion and future prospects.

2.2 Research objective and Question
2.2.1 Research objective
The dissertation objective is to analyze the innovation culture effect Google’s development. Questionnaires and research methods are carried out to achieve the objective.
2.2.2 Research question
The research of this dissertation divided into three general questions which are listed as follows:
Question 1: How innovation culture effect Google company’s development?
The aim of this question is to know in which aspects innovation culture effect Google’s development.

Question 2: How charismatic leadership effect Google’s development?
The aim of this question is to analyze and understand how charismatic leadership effect Google’s development.

Question 3: How Google company motivates staff working hard?
The objective of this question is to know what kind of the motivation methods that Google encourage staff working hard.

2.3 Research approach and strategies
2.3.1 Research approach
This dissertation uses the deductive research approach. It is moving from generalization to specific. There are four steps in the deductive approach that are theory, hypothesis, observation and confirmation or rejection. Google is the leading scientific and technical company is the world. It is also one of the top global company. It can be seen as a generalization. Google is famous…...

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