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Dr. Rajneesh Srivastava

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I consider myself very fortunate to get the opportunity to conduct the training approval and project assignment by BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED (BSNL). I got opportunity to get a practical exposure into actual environment and it provides me the golden opportunity to make my theoretical concept of Recruitment and selection process in a more clear way. I am very much thankful to MR. J.P Tiwari for providing me the opportunity to do the training in the BSNL. Also, thankful to all the officials at BSNL for their cooperation during my training for providing me necessary information without which this project report would not have been completed. I have gone through various sites, Research Books, Magazines and Newspapers to get the accurate information for analysis and tried to find the best conclusion. ABHISHEK KUSHWAHA (BBA Vth SEM)


Summer training is the most vital part of an BBA course, both as a link between theory and actual industrial practices as well as an opportunity for hands on experience in corporate environment. I therefore, consider myself fortunate to receive the training in an esteemed organization viz. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited. Yet the opportunity could not have been utilized without the guidance and support of many individuals who although held varied positions, but were equally instrument for although completion of my summer training. Dr. Rajneesh Srivastava and also thanks to all my faculty members and my Parents and friends. However,…...

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