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MBA-HSG Corporate MBA - HSG Corporate Calendar Spring 2013
The events will take place in English in the lecture hall of the MBA Building at 5.30 p.m. followed by an apéro unless something else is indicated. Please watch the Career Services No ce Board for changes in the schedule.
Tuesday 22.1 Tuesday 29.1 Thursday 31.1 Friday 1.2 Tuesday 5.2 Friday 8.2 Thursday 14.2 Thursday 21.2 Tuesday 26.2 26.2‐22.3 Tuesday 5.3 Wednesday 6.3 Company Presenta on Cognizant Company Presenta on Microso Company Presenta on Swisscom Case Study Workshop Accenture (a ernoon, by applica on only) Company Presenta on UBS Interview Training Workshop at Deloi e (Zurich, all day, by applica on only) Company Presenta on Roche Company Presenta on Rocket Internet with Interviews Opening Panel of the HSG TALENTS Conference (18:15‐20:00, audimax HSG) HSG TALENTS Conference (workshops, presenta ons at the HSG) Case Study Workshop Bertelsmann (a ernoon, by applica on only) MBA Lounge at the HSG TALENTS Conference—main recrui ng event for PT and FT MBA Students, 12:00—16:00 OLMA conference centre St.Gallen

The corporate presentations and workshops are a part of the Career Development Programme at the St.Gallen MBA. The companies are briefed to give an authentic picture of what it is like working for the particular company and what MBA level entry positions might look like. Each presentation or workshop is normally followed by a Q&A session in class or in form of an informal apéro (coffee, small bites, wine in the evenings) outside the Lecture Hall. Dress code: business.…...

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