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* Overview * Health Riskers * Indulgent Risk Takers * Restaurant Regulars * Nutrition Curious * Passive Dieters * Health Focused | |

"ARAMARK's research on Nutritional DiningStyles is using innovative scientific methodology to provide valuable new evidence about individual and environmental factors that influence food choices and eating behaviors in real world settings. This research provides ARAMARK with critical data to better meet the needs of customers and consumers. In addition, their findings will provide nutrition and public health researchers with new insight into how to promote food choices that contribute to healthier diets."
Leann Birch, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor of Human Development and Family Studies
College of Health and Human Development
The Pennsylvania State University
ARAMARK regularly studies consumer eating patterns and preferences to identify ways to better serve them. Nutritional DiningStyles™ is ARAMARK's proprietary research on the eating habits of American adults.

14% of American adults most closely fit this profile.

Indulgent Risk Takers Profile:
There is one word to describe how you eat: BIG. When you eat out, you value price and convenience versus whether or not it's good for you. Your value-driven, mega-sized portions equal a lot of additional calories, fat, and added sugars that may push out healthier nutrient-dense foods in your diet, such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products. Choosing value over healthfulness may backfire on your wallet in the long run. You may be on the lean side now, but your eating habits may catch up to you in a few years, making it hard for you not to gain weight. Your food habits now also may increase your risk for diseases, like heart disease and certain cancers. The healthcare costs associated with medical issues far…...

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...personal connections with small local distributors with no support by advertising or significant promotion. Analysis of the Intended Market ● Market Potential: In 2000, the US was the No.1 premium vodka market, with around 8 million cases in annual sales of premium vodkas. Super-premium vodkas were the fastest growing segment of the competitive vodka category in 2000. ● Analysis of the macro-environment: Advanced infrastructure system/Diversified culture/Comparatively flexible trade regulation/high degree of political and economic stability etc. ● Determination and analysis of attractive segments: Premium Segment: The first three best-seller vodkas in US: Smirnoff, Absolut and Skyy—all of them were in the Premium Segment and the two of them were local brands. Yet the majority of Smirnoff sales came from Smirnoff Red, positioned in the standard price segment. Thus the main competitors in the Premium segment would be Absolute and Skyy. Super-premium segment: The first two bestsellers in this segment were Grey Goose and Belvedere, accounting for 48.7% and 23.9% segment market share respectively. Yet none of them were distilled in Russia, where vodka had almost become the country’s emblem. ● Distinctive competences: 1. Outstanding quality and brand heritage (1) Produced in accordance with the formula for premium vodka established by the Czar’s government panel headed by Mendeleev in 1984. (2) Only “deluxe” grain from Central Russia used. (3) Pure undistilled water......

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