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A New Society
From the reading there are various dimensions of social change which represent the “new society.”
Firstly, is the new technological concept, based on the idea of growth, development and constant expansion. It can be seen as the development of an individual or society in a direction considered more advanced than the preceding level. Society and technology are two aspects of humanity that are constantly progressing because of one another. Technology shapes society and social change drives technology, “new information technologies allow the formation of new forms of social organization and social interaction along electronically based information networks.” ( It is a variable in a compound factor in the history of society.
The second dimension of social change is globalization. It has become identified with a number of trends, such as the “technological, organizational, and institutional capacity of the core components of a given system.” ( Globalization is the flow of social change. It refers to the “rapidly developing and ever-densening network of interconnections and interdependences that characterize modem social life.” (,%20John.pdf) Globalisation suggests “a world full of movement and mixture, contact and linkages, and persistent cultural interaction and exchange.” ( It’s clear that globalisation is a social change; it’s an increase in connections among societies and their elements.

The third dimension of social change is an electronic hypertext. Through this electronic hypertext there have been tremendous changes technologically and culturally, communications have advanced dramatically and, socially the changes have been…...

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