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Step One:
The interval – ratio variable is (hrs1), or “how many hours did you work last week”.
1 – 89. Actual hours
-1. NAP, 98. DK, 99. NA
The ordinal variable is (class), or “subjective class identification”.
1. Lower class
2. Working class
3. Middle class
4. Upper class
0. NAP, 8. DK, 9. NA
Step Two:
The independent variable is the number of hours worked last week and the dependent variable is “subjective class identification”.
A job that would require me to research the number of hours one has worked in a week and the subjective social class that one “belongs to” is an organization that focuses on economic inequality in America. The prospective job would entail knowledge of past and present trends, fluxation in the job market, and analysis of future trends. For instance, my employer may want me to research whether the middle class is shrinking into the “new” working class or if it is becoming absolute. As a professional sociologist I would be inclined to work with the understanding of specific theories like structural functionalism, symbolic interactionsim, and conflict theory, to name a few. Using conflict theory as an impetus I could look at the distribution of labor and the resulting wages earned to determine if the prevailing theory of “working hard” does indeed lead to social mobility. Can the “American Dream” truly be attained through diligence, hard work, and virtue? If so then the notion that people who are in the lower class work less than those in the higher classes would be true. This is another avenue that my employer may want me to research.
Step Three:
Hypothesis – It is hypothesized that: People who work more hours in a week will be in the upper class, (i.e. doctors, lawyers).
Null Hypothesis – The amount of hours worked in a week does not conclusively predict social…...

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