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March 14, 2013

By: Robert Alcocer

Domestic Violence is a severe crime that is now not tolerated in California or

other states in the United States. Domestic Violence in California is classified as a

Misdemeanor crime if the victim has no visible injuries, and a felony if the victim does

have visible injuries. Domestic Violence victims suffer significantly, but the people

that suffer the most are children who witness or hear the incident. Children grow up

thinking that it is fine to hit their spouse, yell, or scream obscenities to their spouse

because they grew up watching their parents constantly fighting and yelling at each


The topic of children exposure to Domestic Violence is definitely a personal

crime. The reason why this video is a personal crime is because whether the husband

or wife initiate the crime of Domestic Violence, it is always personal towards that person.

Their is no property crime because they are not fighting over a belonging, or husband

did not take anything away from the wife, the crime is just personal whether it is from

dinner not served and ready, or simply unable to get along.

Some of the causal factors that were addressed in the video of children

exposure to Domestic Violence were minimal. The only causal factor that comes to mind

is that of the female in Boston calling her boyfriend who she has a restraining order on

to visit her. The reason why she called him was because she is under the influence of

alcohol and is taking care of her son. Based off my work experience anytime their is

alcohol, drugs, etc. involved in a domestic dispute more than half of…...

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