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Software Risk Management: Principles and Practices

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I) Identzhing and

dealing with risks early in development lessens long-tem costs and helps prevent so@are disasters. It is easy t o begin managing risks in your environment.

their early stages, the software field has had its share of project disasters: the software equivalents of the Beauvais Cathedral, the hWlS Titanic, and the “Galloping Gertie” Tacoma Narrows Bridge. The frequency of these software-project disasters is a serious concern: A recent survey of 600 firms indicated that 35 percent of them had at least one runaway software project.’ Most postmortems of these softwareproject disasters have indicated that their problems would have been avoided or strongly reduced if there had been an explicit early concern with identifylng and resolving their high-risk elements. Frequently, these projects were swept along by a tide of optimistic enthusiasm during their early phases that caused them to miss some clear signals of high-risk issues that proved to be their downfall later.

Enthusiasm for new software capabilities is a good thing. But it must be tempered with a concern for early identification and resolution of a project’s high-risk elements so people can get these resolved early and then focus their enthusiasm and energy on the positive aspects of their product. Current approaches to the software process make it too easy for projects to make high-risk commitments that they will later regret: The sequential, document-driven waterfall process model tempts people to overpromise software capabilities in contractually binding requirements specifications before they understand their risk implications. The code-driven, evolutionary development process model tempts people to say, “Here are some neat ideas I’d like to s put into t h ~ system. I’ll…...

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