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Specific Population and the Advocate Role

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Specific Population and the Advocate Role There is no doubt that trying to receive assistance for children with disabilities can be a battle. There are so many steps that need to be taken, so many departments that need to be contacted. Being redirected seems to be a norm along with getting the run around. Through all of the process it seems that the most important party has been forgotten, that is the child. Much has changed through the years with regards to assessments, classifications, severities and age grouping. Human Service workers cannot advocate enough on behalf of children. The problem lies on there not being enough advocating for children who really are presumed as not having a voice. Children are the future and it is amazing how little there seems to be done to get help to those in need. This writer believes that the assessment and classification process needs more advocating for change. The assessment and or consultation process is in this writer’s opinion very generic. Questions are asked about certain situations, children are asked to speak in formed sentences and to point at items. The problem with this assessment can arise when the child has certain words engraved for day-to-day activities but might be struggling with basic vocabulary. Some children are good at mimicking and that can be confused for knowledge. The issues and problems carry on. Every child is different and has different struggles; this assessment should be tailored accordingly. A possibly plan to meet this challenge would be to conduct a study with children and create different versions of assessments. Just as there are different levels to severities there should be different approaches to the issue. Special circumstances should also be taking into consideration, for example the child’s mood and parent’s input. This writer also believes that a simple one-hour assessment is not sufficient to determine if a child is special needs. Many variables have to be taken into consideration, such as social skills and family interaction. This writer has begun advocating for children. She attends meetings where she can educate herself and be a voice for the children. This writer believes that better educating herself on how the process works from consulting a pediatrician to receiving the necessary aid will prepare her for the long fight to change. Knowledge is the key but it starts with passion.…...

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