Stakeholder Influences

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Stakeholder Influences

October 4. 2012

Stakeholder Influences
In the field of human services one of the most influential stakeholders when it comes to program planning and evaluation is the funding source. Often times the funding source has a specific set of requirements that the program and agency must meet in order to obtain or maintain funding. The program planning and evaluation process is greatly affected by this.
The needs and expectations of the stakeholders influence program planning and evaluation because they must adhere to specific restrictions placed upon them by the IRS and other government agencies. The funding source usually wants to proposed program to have similar goals and objectives along with similar values. The program planning may be changed in order to line up with the values of the funding source.
The Madison Children’s Hospital seeks to start a program which research is done to look into the issue of chronic illness in adolescents ages 8-21. The funding source for this program is the National Institute of Health Care. The National Institute of Health Care seeks to fund research to improve self-management and quality of life for children with chronic illness.
The needs and expectations of the hospital are to address the concerns of a lack in self-management of chronic illness. The hospital is interested in researching the causes for the lack of self-management which is causing an increase in complications as well as a lack of school attendance. Some of the goals of the hospital are to be a leading source of research and development, educate the next generation of leaders in child health, and enhance the health and well-being of children and families in the local community.
The National Institute of Health Care also seeks to have research done to improve the self-management and quality of life in children with chronic…...

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