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The dissension encompassing Stand Your Ground laws have recently seized the nation’s heed. So far about eighteen regimes have accepted laws extending the right to ‘self-defense with no duty to retreat’ to any region a person has a legal right to be. Several governments are also debating the passing of similar legislation. Inspite of implications that the laws may have for public well-being, there has been less empirical investigation of their impact, not only on crime but also on victimization.
This laws makes it easier for some people to use deadly force when their “reasonably fears” result in serious injury at the hands of others. In such cases, those persons may be entitled to immunity from prosecution and civil liability. In fact, these laws usually confer powers that police have on private citizens, without the need of training kind and accountability. Before the Stand Your Ground laws, right to use deadly force was strictly not allowed. An individual had to show that it was reasonable to believe that the use of such force was necessary to prevent sudden death or great harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the imminent commission of a forcible ‘felony’. Only when a person was attacked in his home by a person not having an equal right to be there, she/he had a duty to retreat if he/she could do so in safety.
Florida was unambiguous in protecting human individual under attack had to retreat to the wall before taking a life. The one interposing the defense must have had used all reasonable means in his/her power, steady with his own safety, avoiding the danger and to avert the necessity killing.

On February 2012, a 17 year old teenager, ‘Trayvon Martin’ was lethally shot by ‘George Zimmerman’, societies’ watch coordinator for ‘a gated’…...

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