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The following paper will address arguments supporting a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and the considerations for the start of a new job. With over twenty years in the US Armed Forces, I will soon be faced with closing the current chapter on my proud military career and optimistically open a new chapter within a Department of Defense (DoD) Civil Service Agency or US Government Contract Agency. In preparation of this juncture, I feel to achieve an MBA will complement my global experience and bring all my technical, leadership, and management expertise together in a more lucrative upper management role.

Start a New Career
For most starting a new career can be a bit scary. Fortunately for those of us with a great deal of longevity in the military the ability to step ahead in the interview line is greater than those who have not served in the US Armed Forces. Many employers realize veterans bring a lot of value to their table, such as; accelerated learning curve, leadership, teamwork, diversity and inclusion in action, efficient performance under pressure, respect for procedures, international and technical trends, integrity, conscious of health and safety standards, and triumph over adversity (Veterans Today, 2010). Veterans also bring life experiences which only the military can bestow, soft-skills that unite individuals of all incomes, race, and nationalities, changing their fellow coworkers into a model of integrity, discipline and creativity.
However, these fine qualities and characteristics woven into every veteran is fine for entry level positions or perhaps middle management, but achieving a foot in the door for upper management will require an MBA. Besides my extensive background with the military, there were several other driving factors to seek employment…...

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