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Survey On Capital Market Of Bangladesh The given information will be kept confidential and will only be used for research purpose. 1)Do you have investment in the capital market of Bangladesh?
a)Yes b) No.

2)If yes,then please tick the range of investment
a)>25000 b)25000-100000 c)100000-500000 d) More than 500000

3)Do you think that capital market is playing a proper role industrialization of Bangladesh?
a)Yes b) No

4)What type of investors do you think are the most?
a)Profit Takers
b)Expert Long term Investors
c) Institutional Investors

5)Which is the biggest debacle in the history of our capital market?
a)1996 Debacle
b) 2010-11 debacle

6)What do you think are the reasons of these debacles?

7)Do you think that the Govt has played its role properly during these debacles? a) Yes b)No.

8) If no,then please write the reason

9) Was the role of SEC during the last debacle (2011-12) satisfactory?
a) Yes b)No

10) If no,then what should be done to let SEC play a proper role?
a)Amend the SEC ordinance 1993 b)Hire neutral and honest people for SEC c)Other (Please Specify Below)
11)Do you think the demutualization of DSE and CSE will be beneficial to the share market?
a) Yes b)No

12)If no,then please specify the reason for thinking so?

13) What is your opinion about the unique face value tk 10 and unique market lot of 500 shares? a) It will be beneficial to the market b) It will prevent manipulation c)Others (Please specify below)

14)What is your opinion about the roll of institutional investors in the market?

15)Will the inclusion of Govt company shares improve the present condition of the market?
a)Yes b)No

16)Do you think that the share market can be a good source of money for the development of the infrastructure of Bangladesh?
a)Yes b)No

17)Do you think the presence of…...

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