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Can you imagine that everything around us is alive? Pen, book, toy, everything and even a chalk. Imagine that they have their own world with love, hatred, happiness, disappointment, injustice and many other human's feelings. When I was a little girl I believed that my toys were alive, and when I went to bed they started behave like people and did their own business. That is why I have never offended them and spoiled. I believe that they are alive and feel even a pain.
I want to share with you with one very instructive story. I do not know is it a real story or not, maybe it is happening right now. Who knows...
It was a bright sunny day, aroma of the blossomed flowers soared in air, birds chirped so loudly that it seemed you are in a thicket but not in the center of the noisy city. There were many elegant children with flowers in their hands on the streets. It was the 1st of September.
- I'm so excited. It is my first work. I don't know how I should behave- the vase very quickly told.
- Just stay without moving and stop talking! It irritates.- the blackboard muttered.
Everything in the classroom were talking, they discussed an interesting theme for them. It was about new 3 pieces of chalk. Why they discussed them? Because chalk it was like an authority so was always. But always there was only one piece of chalk, and now them was 3. All were perplexed. How it is possible to have three rulers in the same time.
- I guess there is nothing to discuss, I will be the only one and legitimate ruler.- said the most impudent one, whose name was Weed.
- Why is that? We also have the same rights. I do not think you will consult.- said the second one, whose name was Justine.
- I think it is obviously. I'm the most beautiful, the most equal piece of chalk.- said Weed without thinking.
Everything started to whisper and look around. No one could say anything to him. At this time 20 children ran in a class, and our heroes plunged into silence.
And now always when someone wants to write on a board he jumped them in a hand and considered himself the most important and necessary.
It was a nice autumn day everybody was happy, but not our hero he at last understood that it was his last day. He was scattered on hands at the little girl, such beautiful and important any more.…...

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