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Chapter One

Brennan had been having an average day at the lab. She had no open FBI cases and finished up with the paperwork from her last few modular skeletal storage, or Limbo as most in the lab referred to them, remains. Glancing at the clock she saw that it was only seven P.M. and she decided rather than starting on a new set of remains, that would end up keeping her in the lab well past midnight, she would settle for writing on her book. She was idly opening the file on her computer when it happened.

The ringing of her office phone. Of course she didn’t think anything of it at the moment, why would she? She often received calls to her direct line at the lab. She never even thought twice answering it. This phone call however turned her world upside down in mere seconds. “Brennan,” She spoke in her usual dismissive manner into the phone.

Her demeanor didn’t change when the voice first spoke; she simply held the phone to her ear slightly irritated at the interruption. As the voice continued to speak however her spine stiffened and her heart raced as her eyes grew wide in disbelief. She felt as though she was going to actually have a heart attack as panic began to set in. This can’t be happening.

Trying to calm herself enough to speak she began taking deep breaths as the voice continued relaying information. “Where did you say?” Her voice was shaking as she spoke and she mentally chided herself. Her hand was also shaking as she reached out for a pen to write the information down. What she managed to scribble down on the paper was barely legible, but as she was unable to control the tremor running through her body at the moment she figured it would have to do. She could at least understand what she wrote, having heard it.

After abruptly hanging up her desk phone she shut off her computer, still trembling violently, as she tried to calm herself, mentally…...

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