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Elements and Drivers of International Business 1. Globalization of Markets:
It refers to the merging of national markets into one huge global marketplace. Now selling internationally is easier due to falling barriers to cross-border trade. A company doesn’t have to be the size of these multinational giants to facilitate and benefit from the globalization of markets. It is important to offer a standard product to the worldwide. But very significant differences still exist between national markets like consumer tastes, preferences, legal regulations, cultural systems. These differences require that marketing strategies in order to match the conditions in a country. To illustrate, Wal-Mart may still need to vary their product from country depending on local tastes and preferences. 2. Globalization of Production:
It refers to the sourcing of goods and services from locations around the world to take advantage of national differences in the cost and quality of factors of production. The idea is to compete more effectively offering a product with good quality and low cost. For example, Nike is considerate one of the leading marketers of athletic shoes and apparel on the world. The company has some overseas factories where has achieved a super production with low cost. Unfortunately Nike has been a target of protest and persistent accusations that its products are made in sweatshops with poor working conditions. The company has signalled a commitment to improving working conditions, but in spite of the fact, the attacks continue. 3. Falling Barriers to Trade and Investment:
The falling of barriers to international trade enables firms to view the world as their market. The lowering of barrier to trade and investments also allows firms to base production at the optimal location for that activity. Thus, a firm might design a product in one country, produce a…...

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