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Strengths and Weakness of Kantian

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Basic Strengths and Weaknesses of Kantian Ethics
Main strengths of Kantian ethics:

* Clarity - Kantian ethics is clear and easy to follow. Its absolutist, deontologicalnature is arguably the most easy to apply * this is good for environmental, business and sexual ethics. Any theory which is easy to apply is helpful/useful/reliable * Egalitarian - Kant states we should treat people as "an end in themselves" and so Kantian ethics puts everyone on equal ground * this is also good for all three, for obvious reasons * Consistent - the absolutist nature of the ethic means that what it says will never change - nobody is an exception * this is good for business - all customers are treated exactly the same and none are favoured * Honours respect and dignity

Main weaknesses of Kantian ethics:

* Maxim scope - anyone could universalise a maxim to allow anything, so long as it is universalisable * sexually, the maxim 'women should always be sexually passive' could be put forward, as could several others. Is this fair? * corrupt businesses could employ any maxim they wish to justify doing something which many of us may see as immoral * Inflexible - because of its absolutist nature, Kantian ethics offers no flexibility. Itdoesn't regard the situation of an action, which is arguably not helpful or useful in the modern world * this is a weakness for all three - environmental, sexual and business issues are all specific and different * Speciesist - Kant once said that "animals are there merely as a means to an end. That end is man." * this anthropocentric view may offend certain environmental theories and present humanity as arrogant - preference utilitarian Peter Singer would take particular offence because pretty much all he talks about is animals. He loves them.

Strengths and weaknesses to…...

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