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Strokes and How to Prevent Them

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Strokes, and How To Prevent Them

A stroke which is also referred to as a cerebrovascular accident, occurs when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted. Strokes can be either ischemic, which is caused by plaque formation that narrows the blood flow, or clot that obstructs blood vessels, or hemorrhagic, which is due to a weakening blood vessel that causes it to bulge or rupture. Some strokes can be very mild, and cause temporary dizziness or slight weakness or numbness. More serious interruptions in blood flow may impair speech, memory, or even motor control. Other stroke affect parts of the brain that regulate heart, and lung function and can kill within minutes.
Some of the risk factors that can cause someone to have a stroke are. High blood pressure which is, when the heart is pumping blood harder to move blood through the body, which can weaken blood vessels, and even cause damage to major organs. Another risk is diabetes which is a disease that affects a person's ability to move blood sugar, or glucose, out of the blood and into the cells. The way diabetes can contribute to a person having a stroke is by the uncontrollable high blood pressure, or hypertension. Another risk is obesity. Obesity or excessive weight puts a strain on the body and the entire circulatory system. They also make people more likely to have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes, all of which can increase the risk of a stroke. These risk are all under the controllable risk factors. Meaning if you are active, and watch what you eat, and take care of your body you are a lot less likely to have these diseases which can lead to a stroke. However there are some uncontrollable risk factors that can lead to you having a stroke which include, age, gender, race, family history, having a previous stroke. A stroke can happen to anyone, at any age, but it increases with age. A…...

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