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Memorandum (Revised Copy)

To: Chef Baker – Head Chef for Burger Palace Restaurant Franchise
From: Joseph Hall, Marketing Representative for Stufz Burger Press
Date: March 25, 2014
Subject: Integration of Stufz Burger Press In Burger Palace Restaurants

Ever since its creation ground meat has been shaped into different types of patties and topped with world recognized garnishes. The STUFZ Burger Press will give your restaurant business a unique option to personalize their burger with “toppings” inside and out. I know you were thinking about expanding your menu to include a stuffed burger option. As opposed to having your staff stuff the burgers by hand, Stufz will allow your kitchen staff to enter the stuffing in a more efficient manner. This innovative self-contained unit is easy to use with a 3 step process and prepares burgers quickly for omnivorous customers. I will first discuss the main components of the unit, explain how the 3 step process works, and then give a recipe example. ajor Components of the Unit

The unit will arrive as one piece, pictured above. I will break down the STUFZ into 4 major components: 1. Burger Bay – Bottom half of unit 2. Center Plunger 3. Top Lid 4. Bottom Press plate
Burger Bay
The burger bay is the inside of the unit where the first portion of the ground beef goes before it is pushed into with the center plunger (mentioned next). Center Plunger
The center plunger is one of the most important components of the system because it is responsible for making the center cavity. The plunger has a handle that is incorporated into the design, so the chef/user can easily be held and used effectively for the formation process. It’s a cylinder about 2.25 inches in diameter and the kitchen chef would plunge in the center of the “burger bay” (using the handle on the top lid mentioned next) where…...

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