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Summarize a Situation That Required U.S. Diplomatic Efforts During the President’s Time in Office

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Crimes Theory
Ontavia Johnson
Strayer University
Information Technology in Crime 170
Dr. Wesley E. Phillips, Jr.

Crime Theory
There are many digital crimes that are produced through the life of technology. Differential Association Theory is well known to be the cause of digital crime. This theory originated in the Chicago School of Criminological Theories, which embraces the sociological approach, that criminologist use to analyzing criminality. Differential Association Theory was introduced by Edwin Sutherland in 1947. He was one of the first to take an interest in the classical individualist theories of criminal behavior and concluded the Differential Association Theory. The Differential Association Theory is recognize the most relevant terms of digitals crimes, and well as can be used to clarify non-digital crimes using motivation, rationalization, and attitudes necessary for the crime.
Testing several criminological theories, including strain theory, techniques of neutralization, social learning theory, and self-control theory, Morris and Higgins found that differential association was the most pronounced theoretical predictor in self-reported piracy (Morris, R. G., & Higgins, G. E. 2009). Normative conflict at the individual level is translated into individual acts of delinquency through differential association learned through communication usually in intimate groups (Sutherland, 1947). In further arguments peer pressure and peer attitudes are an influence. The rise of social media has opened additional avenues for promoting digital crimes that allow an overabundance of criminal activity established in an online presence.
Differential Association Theory, which operates on the individual level, is where behavior is learned through interactions with others. Through interaction an individual will learn the techniques and skills necessary to commit…...

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