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Executive Summary College tuition, housing, and miscellaneous expenses are a major expense for all students no matter what college you attend or the type of financial assistance, loans, scholarship, and grants one may receive. Another expense that students must worry about is the price of college text books. Although books are very crucial part of learning in college, they are beyond over prices and not all students can afford to purchase them.
There are abundant of reasons why textbooks are so expensive. A primary reason why students cannot afford these text books because they are over price, especially of one decides to purchase their books from the bookstore on campus. It is clear that colleges do not care about the welfare of students because college is simply a business. They are only concern about the best way to make a profit off of students. College books are expensive but college students need them to learn the material for the classes they are enrolled in but there are many ways you can save money on books.
The solution to this problem is E-bookology. E-bookology is a web based book company that is worldwide to all college students who have access to the internet. Students will be able to purchase text books in electrical form online for affordable prices. E-bookology is a company that works primarily for the benefit of students, and to make a profit second. College students should be able to get their books for affordable prices and E-Bookology is will to provide that service.

Our target audiences are college students around the world. It is our job to promote our company by using social media web sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc. We also plan on getting permission from colleges to let our company post flyers around their campus. Also, we would like to get permission to let E-Bookology’s representatives talk to…...

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