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Summer Mall is the place of pleasure that focus on people around Kota Samarahan. The number of consumers that usually go to Summer Mall is teenagers and working people. If I work as the management of Summer Mall, Kota Samarahan, I would suggest to increase the number of games and arcade in the Summer Mall that would be age appropriate for teenagers around 15-25 years old. The current arcade at Summer Mall is focus for children. This is so that children can stay there while the guardian can shop without worries. If the arcade would focus on teenagers too this evokes pleasure in teenage consumers. Therefore they would prefer to stay and enjoy more of the shopping experience when at the Summer Mall.
Moreover, I would suggest to create a health club inside the Summer Mall, inside the health club will include spa, massage, manicure and pedicure and gym. This is focus for the working people. They would be busy during their hard days of work, therefore, whenever they come to Summer Mall, they can relax and reduce their stress of work and more enjoy their shopping experience in Summer Mall without feeling tired from everyday work.
Summer Mall building is itself shown for a place of fun and excitement. The colors of the buildings are full of bright color to invoke feelings of enjoyment. I would also suggest every week would hold a weekly event of fun and enjoyment for people of any kind of age. This would be family oriented thus promote families to come to Summer Mall and enjoy the event thus create a happy environment in the Summer Mall.…...

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