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Some great reasons to swap 1. Swapping saves you money! 2. Swapping gets you great new clothes for FREE as you choose from thousands of fashion items 3. Swapping cleans out your closet and renews your wardrobe at the same time 4. Swapping creates an original look. Find unique, one-of-a-kind fashion items and accessories 5. Swapping supports the local community 6. Swapping helps to redirect clothing away from landfills 7. Swapping helps us to do our part to conserve resources and reduce our overall carbon footprint

Financial Perks
Let’s get real here – as a general rule of thumb, shopping isn’t wallet-friendly. But swapping is! Transform an entire wardrobe for the mere price of admission.

Benefits to the environment
A clothing swap lets you refresh your wardrobe, but it also helps reduce your carbon footprint. Instead of your clothes becoming waste, those items are redirected away from landfills and given a second chance. The less stuff going into landfills, the better.

Benefits to the community
All clothing left over from the swap will be donated to support those in need. Exchanging clothing isn’t the only thing that is exchanged at a swap. Swapping4 Cause Team believes in supporting the local community. We collaborate with the local businesses and entrepreneurs, creating partnerships and bringing great people together at our events. This stimulates growth, creativity and spirit. Laughter and smiles are often a pleasant side effect.


The Swap Til’ You Drop event provides an easy and affordable way for you to de-clutter your closet and exchange your…...

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