Symbolization of a Mask in Romeo and Juliet

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The Symbol of a Mask in Romeo and Juliet
As we read on into Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, we are beginning to analyze the play in greater detail. The symbolization of the mask is important- It reveals the feelings of Romeo and how their love flourishes. The use of symbolization in Shakespeare’s plays is repeating and it helps the reader, or audience take in the story with much more meaning

The very night Romeo and Juliet meet marks the introduction of the mask as a symbol in the play. Romeo attends a feast at the Capulet’s but- as a Montague, Romeo would not be welcomed into their home. Fortunately, every guest is required to wear a mask! Romeo uses his mask to gain entry into the masquerade. In act 1, scene 1, Romeo speaks about how beautiful woman hide themselves behind masks and are not what they seem to be. When they first meet, their identities are concealed behind their masks, and they do not find out they are foes until the night ends.

While I was creating my mask, the more I completed, the more I began to reflect myself into it creatively. I made my mask clear and simple, with dark colours and hints of personal detail that shows who I am. I love simplicity and clean, interesting detail. I showed that in the solid black lines extending from the eyes, and the small white doily I put on top. I knew I wasn’t going to do anything avant garde and busy. It doesn’t correspond with who I am. The meaning of my mask is less is more and pure is better.

The symbol of the mask is one of my favourite symbols in Romeo and Juliet. I think it captures the way they loved each other and how they were both exactly what they were looking for, even though they were blinded of who they were on the outside and showed what was beneath, what really mattered to…...

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