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1. System Construction

A. Profile: i. State and explain your investing/trading strategy, philosophy and theory underpinning your system. (It is essential that this is consistent with the scenario selected).

First of all, the scenario we choose is being individual investor. Generally, our investing strategy combines both fundamental analysis and technical analysis. For example, we plan to use high share price relative strength, volume and MACD as well as low P/E ratio, Earning persistency, low P/B ratio indicators since the mixing growth and value strategies could not only reducing the volatility of strategies based on growth alone but also increasing the capital appreciation potential of strategies. Therefore, we believe the mixing strategies could help us to make fewer mistakes, increase probability to maximize our absolute returns through the years and also outperform buy and hold after expenses. Moreover, we will use fundamental methods to calculate an accurate proportion for the amount of money we put in each stock in order to well diversify risks and max net profit. For the philosophy, we believe that markets are efficient, prices move in trends and history repeats itself from technical analysis aspect. Moreover, even though fundamental analysis is worthless somehow, low P/B, P/E, P/CF and high yield show otherwise.

ii. What is your approximate expected time horizon/holding period per trade?

The holding period per trade will depend on the indicator we choose. We will buy or sell decision as long as the indicators show buy or sell signals with confirmations told us to do so. Basically, we will use breakout system and MACD as our primary buy/sell indicators with a few constraints including stock price must be over the 50 days EMA, volume must increase 50percent more and stock price broke the highest high from…...

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