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Technological Advancements in Communication
October 12, 2012

Technological Advancements in Communication
Technology plays a key role in how we conduct business today. It has become necessary for all industries to rely on technology to successfully conduct business, especially collaborative technology. Some of the technological advancements mentioned in the article, Superhero in the cubicle, are Mashup Software and Near-Time.
Mashup Software from Kapow Technologies, is software that allows users gather information, regardless of format such as straight text, spreadsheets, Web pages, and RSS feeds, from internal and external sources. It allows the users to combine this information and reuse it in entirely different ways. Mashup software is characterized because of the way it spreads roots all across the Web, enabling it to retrieve information outside its boundaries. According to IBM Developer Works, mashup software is widely used by law enforcement to map crimes to geographical areas, and it is interactive with Google Earth so anyone can view it. This is very helpful for anyone thinking of moving into a particular neighborhood to view crime statistics in the area.
Near-Time is a hosted service that can be used to build wikis and blogs, share files, create podcasts, and handle RSS feeds. This software can be used to create tutorials, and to facilitate training, around the country, globe, and in different time zones. It is used by online educational facilities to post preparatory materials, and students use it to post questions.
I work in drug & alcohol treatment, we use a similar version of Near-Time called Avatar. This is an online “room” where people in long term recovery can talk with their counselor at a designated time, or attend an AA or NA meeting from remote locations. This method allows people in recovery not miss their…...

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