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Technology in Hr

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Technology and How It Be Used To Manage Human Resources

Technology and How It Be Used To Manage Human Resources


Today we live in a world that is continuously introducing new processes and technologies to assist with the way we manage our busy lives. The same applies to the way organizations are conducting business. You can bet that at this very moment executives are holding meetings around the world to discuss how their company can utilize the capability of internet based applications to boost production. Automated systems have become the new age way of executing tasks, whether its transferring funds from one account to another or storing records on a hard drive, it’s all done electronically. With advancements in social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Linked-in, it is now possible for large communities around the world to connect through the click of a button. Several months ago Facebook reached the monumental milestone of one billion users, that’s roughly one-seventh of the world’s population (Vance, 2012). Humans now posses many methods of getting and staying connected to others by the use of electronic devices. Now a status update or a tweet can reach millions of users in a split second. Prior to the creation of dating sites, if you wanted to start a relationship with another individual, you would have needed to some sort of physical interaction. Now technology has made it possible for internet-based dating sites to predict compatibilities between complete strangers by matching attributes based on profile surveys. Therefore, a person can create a profile, add some pictures and the dating website could match you up with your future husband or wife. According to recent statistics provided by, 17 percent of marriages that took place in the United States last year consisted of couples who met online. It’s fair to…...

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