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This section should include a brief history of your academic and employment career to date, it should include details of the sectors that you are keen on working in and it should also include some of the skills you have used in your career to date. This section should never be in bullet point format and should be no more than 8 to 10 sentences long. This is your opportunity to present your unique skill set and the value you can bring to a new organisation. Example: Graduate with excellent academic qualifications including first class BSc honours in xxxx. Excellent communication, organisation and project skills.

• This section should include a list of 4-8 achievements using the STAR method and should be presented in bullet point format. Use this section to highlight any achievements you may have had in a voluntary capacity.
• You should include outstanding academic qualifications, results etc.
• You should include details of group presentations that you have led, presented etc.
• If you have employment experience then you should provide examples of your achievements, you need to show employers that you have solved problems similar to theirs and that you achieved the results for which they are looking.
• Example: Secured 90% in group project on statistical research, allocated tasks and led project through to conclusion.

Remember you should start with your most recent employment first and work backwards…...

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Challenges in Tennis're not 100 percent positive that it was out then it is 100 percent in! If the ball touches any part of the line, it’s in! Tennis Athletes have a week to complete tennis matches after they are assigned! If you don’t play your match in that week then you will forfeit your spot and be ineligible for the next match. No parents on the tennis courts! Parents are not allowed to make calls, officiate in anyway or effect the match in anyway. Email Coach Smith at the match score! If challenges are not reported to me within the week then both players will be ineligible the next challenge week and will be unranked. Then I will decide a winner based upon an alternative method. Remember East only has two courts so you will probably need to play your challenge match at CHS. I have listed the phone number for you to call and book a court. It’s free for all tennis athletes to play on these courts as long as they are on a middle school or the high school team! Wagon Wheel also has tennis courts. These courts you will need to pay to use, but it’s not very expensive. I believe it’s 2.50 per person if you live in Coppell. You cannot challenge an athlete that you lost to for at least two weeks. High School Tennis Website below and phone number: (They will close if no reservations so make sure you call and make a reservation! Don't just show up!) They might have leagues or other events going on!) I reserve right to adjust challenge matches and assign matches......

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The Warm-Up on the act. And why not? The music of the Nutcracker is as familiar to our ears as Jingle Bells or Silent Night. ! But before the curtain rises and the overture begins, a different kind of ballet, as timeless as the Nutcracker itself and far less familiar, is rehearsed. Dancers practice it faithfully, on a daily basis, and it is a necessary prelude to the fluid and athletic movements that culminate on the stage. The choreography is grounded in seven positions or movements from which everything in the discipline of ballet must begin. It is, simply, the warm-up. ! Of the two indispensable tools used in the warm-up, it is hard to say which is the most important, the barre or the music. Each has a function, independent of the other: the barre as an anchor, a safety net; the music as expression through rhythm and movement. Combined, both serve the ultimate purpose of technique as a means of expression. ! To the observer, the warm-up is a mixed experience. It’s not so easy to imagine yourself in fifth position without your knees popping out of their sockets. Few laymen can perform a pliè and not hear ligaments ripped from the muscle. Yet, dancers perform these and other basic movements with considerable ease and gracefulness. Their faces are calm, mesmerized, in meditation, as if the music distracts them from from the physical exertion required to float and fly across the floor. ...

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