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Party Next Door comes to you! JCM Productions
Date: February Friday 14th 2014. Time: 8:00pm-12:00pm Dear students of JCM the student council would like to invite you to the upcoming Valentines Dance. At the dance we will have a special guest appearance to perform for us, as known as Party Next Door. There will also be soft drinks and baked goods sold this night. Tickets for the dance will be sold for $10.00/each in the café during both lunches until February 13th. NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE DOOR THE DAY OF THE DANCE! So please get your tickets as soon as possible. We hope to see you there 1. Welcome to the Party 2. Wus Good 3. Wild 4. Make A Mill 5. Break from Toronto
…and many more songs from this amazing album will be performed to you! LIVE DJ | SPECIAL PERFORMANCE | BAKED GOODS | PRIZES | GAMES | SOFT DRINKS | TICKET RAFFEL | ALL THIS JUST | FOR JCM! |

The [Artist of your choice] is coming to JCM! | | Imagine that our school won the chance to have the artist of your choice perform songs from their new album at the next school dance. You are the Promotions and Publicity Representative on the Student Council and it is your responsibility to create a poster for the event to be displayed throughout the school. |

Use Microsoft Word to design your poster. Select an artist / group / performer of your choice to perform at the school dance.
When designing your poster, make sure it includes the following elements:

1. Page size of 8” x 10” 2. One Inch Margins 3. Include a Border of your choice 4. Change the page orientation to Landscape. 5. A Bolded Title 6. A text box containing the date of the Dance 7. An examples of underlined text 8. An examples of italicized text 9. One of either a superscript or…...

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