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The Antebellum Period

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The Antebellum period of the old South is considered the peak of the Southern aristocracy. Although the aristocrats owned a majority of the wealth and land, it was their slaves who made the plantations a success. The slaves had to undergo the worst conditions during the antebellum period such as the amount of work, lack of food, health, punishments, and clothes.
Slavery became the worst of work ever. Their labor services are obtained through force and their physical beings are regarded as the property of others. Most slaves were given tasks to do due to their physical wellbeing. A work day consisted of 15 to 16 hours a day during harvest time and could go on through harvest and milling for 18 hours per week for 7 days a week. There were little differences in the work field involving gender. Women, who were pregnant, were still sent to work. "Hard driving" was quite common, which was working slaves past their abilities. In the South there was no time to rest, the climate was always considered work weather, so everyone was active all year round. Children that were 6-10 might be active as water carriers. Children that were 10-12 were organized into groups and put to weeding.
Punishment was a horrible part of the slave system. The physical punishment brutal but the mental and sexual abuse was also a huge part of slavery. Each plantation had its own set of social, religious, and labor codes. The slave master reigned as god. He maintained the element of slave misery, by controlling the amount of pain giving. Treatments were given such as mutilation, branding, chaining, and murder which were supposedly regulated or prohibited. Whippings, beatings, drowning’s, and hangings were as unpredictable as they were awful. It was clear to plantation owners that slavery could not survive without the whip because they weren’t allowed to kill there slaves intentionally. Males and females were whipped without question. The severity of whipping depended on the number of times they were whipped and the type of whip. Fifteen to twenty lashes were normal, but they could receive much more. Other items used for punishments were chains, collars, and irons. Slaves could also be hunged or burned. Women could be raped by the owner of the plantation, family or any white male.
The slave standard of living started with a poor, and often, horrible diets. The food was generally awful, but imbalanced and monotonous. Usually food allowance was a square of corn meal and three or four pounds of salt pork or bacon per week per person. This diet could be supplemented by vegetables from their gardens, by fish or wild game, and molasses but it was unusual. The slaves prepared their own food and carried it out to the field in buckets. Lack of variety and vitamins made the slaves malnutrition and risked them to diseases. Slaves were not well-clothed. They had little clothing for people engaged in heavy labor all year. Children would dress in long shirts. Male slaves were provided with two shirts, woolen pants, and a jacket in the winter, along with two shirts and two cotton pants in summer. Women were provided with an less clothes then men and had to make their own clothes. The cloth was cheap material, produced in England known as "Negro cloth". Plantation slaves were housed in slaves cabins. Small, badly built with logs with clapboard sidings, with clay chinking. Floors were packed dirt. They were leaky and drafty and the combination of wet, dirt, and cold made them diseased environments. The South was a disease environment for everyone due to the hotter weather and the swamp and marsh. Physicians were in really there, and medical knowledge was poor. There was no concept of bacterial transmission of disease, or insect borne diseases. Life expectancy for Southerners was lower than Northerners and life expectancy of slaves was lower than whites. Diseases included Malaria, Asiatic Cholera, Dysentery, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Tetanus, Pellagra, Beri Beri. Deaths in child was due to heavy excess labor.
The only thing that eased the pains of slavery was that they were allowed to have families and that they could but their freedom, which was not likely, but it gave them hope.…...

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